How To Become Popular On Twitter

Twitter is a media machine, and with it’s 140 character limit, think of it as micro blogging to the extreme. I’m going to do my best to help you find out how to become popular on Twitter.  While most of us think of celebrities as the only popular people on Twitter, that’s simply not true. Gaining popularity takes time and energy but you literally can become as popular as you want to be. While this site is focused on pushing Twitter followers to people that want to boost their account status, we also focus on how you can naturally build your following as well. So in the following article we are going to discuss how to get popular on Twitter.

If You Want To Be Popular Act Popular

I don’t care if you only have one follower…act like you have a million. If you want to know how to get more Twitter Followers…run your account as if you already have more than you’ll ever need.  I think back to the lead singer of an awesome Seattle band back in the late 80’s…his name was Andy Wood.  He was the lead singer for a band called Mother Love Bone (side note: it’s core members later became known as Pearl Jam).  Andy was an awesome entertainer.  His band mostly played small-ish clubs, but Andy always put on a show as if he were in an arena filled with 40,000 people.  It’s somewhat the same thing with Twitter.  Always act popular, even when you really aren’t just yet.

So what does that mean?  That doesn’t mean you tweet about every mundane action in your life…quite the opposite.  So don’t make your first few tweets “just got up and hand some orange juice…still sleepy” or “just fed the dog, he sure was hungry”.  There is a time and a place for some of that later, when you’ve had the chance to build up a loyal following and people feel like they know you personally.  For now…just starting out, no one cares about that.  You need to keep things interesting.  Find stuff that is funny or entertaining to you, and tweet about it.

If you want to drill it down a little more, it also means deciding what you want the “theme” of your Twitter account to be and stick with it.  If you’re all over the place tweeting about gardening tips one day and the latest travel deals the next day you’re going to be targeting widely different audiences.  This means your followers will be fragmented and less engaged and most likely they won’t stick around long.  So choose a topic or theme and try to stay with that as much as possible.

When  you can’t think of anything to Tweet about just remember “Google Is Your Friend”.  Go to Google News.  Everything you could ever need regarding your topic will be there…and it will be current.  For example…let’s say you love dogs, and you want to tweet anything and everything related to dogs.  Google News will give you and unlimited supply of possible tweets.  In my example, just for fun, I searched “dog treats” in Google news.  I mean really…how many stories could there possibly be related to “dog treats”??  Well, here were the first results:

Colorado entrepreneurs reinvent doggy treats with Smart Cookie Dog Treats

Firefighter uses treats to save stranded dog from second floor window ledge

DIY pet treats: economical, easy and nutritious

So you can see, in about 30 seconds we had three relevant, timely stories that would be perfect to tweet about, and they were uber topic specific…more specific than most Twitter users would ever need them to be.


It goes without saying that if you act like a loner, you’ll probably be a loner.  So in order to become popular on Twitter you need to reach out to others.  Follow, follow, follow, follow…and did I mention follow?  You need to follow like mad, but do it sensibly because there are limits.  Twitter is by all means a “Social Network”, and that means the folks that control it want it to be social.  They don’t want someone following 20,000 people, yet they have no followers or tweets of their own.

Twitter Limits The Number Of People You Can Follow

With a new account you are limited to how many people you can follow, and as of this writing (July 2013), I believe the limit is 1,819. Unless you have at least 1,819 followers.  This is another reason why some people choose to buy twitter followers.  They want to be able to follow more people, but maybe they are just under the cap, so they need a little boost to put them ahead.  Once you have 1,819 followers, then you can follow another 10% (or another 182 people).  It’s weird yes, but it is the restrictions that are put in place.

Twitter also limits how many people you can follow per day.  So like I mentioned above, following is important, but you have to be sensible.  If you keep a pace of following say, 25 people in the morning, maybe another 25 in the afternoon, and then 25 more that evening you will be fine.  This is not considered “aggressive following” which Twitter frowns upon.


In the same way a popular blogger links to other blogs, a popular Twitter user will typically retweet other users.  When you retweet a user, that user will be notified in most cases of what you did and it could garner you some kudos and possibly some good karma down the road.  By doing this you are not only giving your followers new content but you are also creating social connections that could help you later.

Keep Your Followers Hungry For More

When you start getting more and more followers then it becomes important to keep them interested in what you have to say.  This means not just posting statements or links, but also engaging them by asking questions.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what your audience likes and doesn’t like.  You may be posting away, and all the while you keep seeing your follower count getting smaller and smaller.

One of the best things you can do is get one of the many apps that are out there that help you manage your followers.  It will tell you when and who unfollowed you. If it is a big drop, you may want to look at what you posted around that time and see if maybe it could have been misinterpreted or if it was just blatantly off topic.

Try to avoid consistently tweeting on one subject matter and then go onto another entirely different subject.  Your followers initially followed you because they were interested in the content you were presenting.  Changing that dramatically will definitely cost you followers.

Try to initiate dialog with your followers. Posing questions is a good way to do this. Try to avoid stirring the pot and posting an opinion on a controversial subject.  Although that is a definite way to gain followers, it can also backfire.  If you’re a new user it may cost you more than it gains.  Don’t get me wrong, there are people that gain huge followings simply by being jerks and confrontational.  I prefer to play it cool…I like to sleep at night, and you never know what kind of unstable people there are out there that will hunt you down.

Be funny, be creative, don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself either. These are crucial to gaining and more importantly, keeping new followers.

Butt In On Conversations

Well, don’t be rude about it, but definitely don’t be afraid to participate in an existing conversation between your followers.  It’s just as important to look around and see what everyone is up to and then participating on that level by adding your replies as it is to tweet good content.  Twitter can be a fusion of microblogging and message boarding.  So being active in all realms of the network not only makes you more likable to your followers, but also gives you additional exposure to those that may not know you.


Keep it simple, and don’t over think.  Twitter is great and it’s not only a way to create strong connections for personal and business relationships, but it can also be a lot of fun.  Your popularity is only limited by the amount of time and effort you put in.

Twitter Limits

I thought it would also be good to add the existing limits that Twitter has in place (as of July 2013).  These could change at any time, but they should serve as a rough guide of what Twitter limits.

  • Unfollows – It’s not known how many people you are allowed to unfollow on Twitter in a single day. However, if you only follow people just to turn around and unfollow them, you will get flagged and possibly banned.  This is known as “churning” and it’s frowned upon.  I wouldn’t recommend unfollowing more than 100 people per day just to stay on the safe side.
  • Follows – You are limited to 1,819 follows…until you reach 1,819 followers. Then it increases by 10%. So if you reach 1,819 followers, you can then follow more people until you get to 2,000.  This 10% ratio continues on.
  • Max Number Of Tweets – You are allowed 1,000 tweets within a 24 hour period.  However, if you want to keep your followers I’d highly advise against maxing this out.
  • Max Number Of Direct Messages – You can only send 250 direct messages in a 24 hour period.