How To Become Popular On Instagram

If you don’t know what Instagram is, it’s an app for Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch and Android that allows you to post your pictures.  You can either upload existing pictures or take new ones directly through the app itself.  You can then share your pictures with your Instagram followers or across a wide range of other social networks that can also connect through Instagram.  As far as getting followers and becoming popular on Instagram, it’s hit or miss with a lot of people. It can be extremely easy to become popular on Instagram, or it might be a nightmare.  It just depends on how you tackle it.  Even though we sell Instagram Followers, there are ways in which you can make your account grow, they just require a lot more take time and work.

Make Your Photos Rock!

With Instagram, and some of the associated apps that are out there, you can create some amazing pictures.  Pictures that honestly seem like they should be award winning.  So with Instagram being obviously image-centered, you want to make sure you aren’t posting some blah photos.  You want something that is eye-catching and will get people to notice.  Especially when you have the images hash-tagged properly (which we will get too shortly).

It’s not hard to make your pictures stand out from the crowd. With apps that are currently out there (and most of them are free), you can make a picture of just about anything really pop.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This is an excellent tool for modifying your pictures before sending them to Instagram. It is quite possibly the easiest photo editing app.


This app is one of my favorites, and it allows you to create unreal effects with a broad array of filters and options.

Following and Commenting

One proven method to gaining popularity on Instagram is through following other users.  Not only following them, but commenting on their photos.  This interaction almost always spurs a reciprocal follow and can help build your follower base quickly.

Now before you start going off and following random users like mad, there are a few things you need to be aware of.  There are limitations not only in the total number of people you can follow, but also how many you can follow at a time.  For example, you are limited to a maximum of 160 follows or unfollows per hour.  And the absolute maximum number of people you can follow is 7,500.

Don’t Be Stingy

Make sure you are sharing your Instagram account across all social media platforms that you participate in.  It’s easy to share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare.  This is usually a good way to gain new followers from other accounts that may not have realized that you are on Instagram also.

Use Hashtags

Probably one of the single best ways to get a lot of Likes and Followers without much effort is using hashtags.  Using popular hashtags allows people to find your photos within specific feeds associated with those tags.  This is how you can actually have no followers, but have a picture get over 100 Likes in about 2 hours.

I’ll break down a list of different hashtags.  These are mostly the more popular ones, but you can create your own hashtags if you want to start a trend of some kind…especially as you gain new followers.

General Instagram Hashtags

#instagood #instamood #statigram #iphonesia #igers #instadaily #tweegram #instagramhub #follow #bestoftheday #igdaily #picstitch #followme #instagramhub #jj #picoftheday #life