How To Become Popular On Instagram

If you don’t know what Instagram is, it’s an app for Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch and Android that allows you to post your pictures.  You can either upload existing pictures or take new ones directly through the app itself.  You can then share your pictures with your Instagram followers or across a wide range of other social networks that can also connect through Instagram.  As far as getting followers and becoming popular on Instagram, it’s hit or miss with a lot of people. It can be extremely easy to become popular on Instagram, or it might be a nightmare.  It just depends on how you tackle it.  Even though we sell Instagram Followers, there are ways in which you can make your account grow, they just require a lot more take time and work.

Make Your Photos Rock!

With Instagram, and some of the associated apps that are out there, you can create some amazing pictures.  Pictures that honestly seem like they should be award winning.  So with Instagram being obviously image-centered, you want to make sure you aren’t posting some blah photos.  You want something that is eye-catching and will get people to notice.  Especially when you have the images hash-tagged properly (which we will get too shortly).

It’s not hard to make your pictures stand out from the crowd. With apps that are currently out there (and most of them are free), you can make a picture of just about anything really pop.

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How To Become Popular On Facebook

With Facebook seemingly under constant change (I mean really…who here doesn’t get royally p*ssed off when they fix what isn’t broken), it’s hard to have a definitive guide for how to become popular on Facebook that will stand the test of time.  So this article may be updated from time to time, but for now we’ll start with the basics.

What Does It Mean To Be Popular On Facebook?

Facebook is a little different than other social networks when it comes to popularity.  In most cases the number of friends you have is going to be a big indicator of your popularity.  However, there are restrictions in this realm when you are trying to grow your popularity on Facebook.  For example, to have friends, you have to be a friend.  There are no one-way connections like you might see on Twitter and other social networks.  So this really limits you in how you promote yourself or your business.  So how do you get around this?  Fan Pages.

When you start a Fan Page, you eliminate the one-way connection limiter.  You can have a million Likes on your fan page, but you might only have one actual friend for your account.  Depressing yes, but it does illustrate what I’m talking about.

People use Fan Pages as an unrestricted division of their Facebook account.  While you are limited in who you can invite to your Fan Page, for example, you can only invite your friends…there are other ways to increase the number of Likes you have.  Each Like, is similar to a friend.  Your updates will show up in their News Feeds and if they Like or Share what you post, then their friends may also see that and Like your page.  It’s a very tiered and complex set of scenarios that can have a dramatic affect on your popularity.

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How To Buy Twitter Followers

While we would love to push 100,000 followers to your brand new Twitter account, the reality is that would not be a very smart move. When you “buy” Twitter followers, you aren’t really buying a product, you are purchasing a service. That service has to be conducted in a way that will protect you from harm.

Does that mean if you buy 100,000 Twitter Followers that your account will be flagged or banned?  Absolutely not.  However, the way Twitter operates is still somewhat of a mystery even to the most adept users of the network.  Even still, many daily users do not know the Twitter limits that are in place to guard against what is called “Twitter Churn

In all honesty, it is these limits that allow sites like ours to thrive.  People want to buy Twitter Followers not so much for the “prestige” but to overcome some of the boundaries that Twitter implements.  For example, if you have less than 1,819 Followers, you are limited to following 2,000 people.

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How To Become Popular On Twitter

Twitter is a media machine, and with it’s 140 character limit, think of it as micro blogging to the extreme. I’m going to do my best to help you find out how to become popular on Twitter.  While most of us think of celebrities as the only popular people on Twitter, that’s simply not true. Gaining popularity takes time and energy but you literally can become as popular as you want to be. While this site is focused on pushing Twitter followers to people that want to boost their account status, we also focus on how you can naturally build your following as well. So in the following article we are going to discuss how to get popular on Twitter.

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How To Use Twitter

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you can compose a thought using 140 characters or less…you can use Twitter. Even though Twitter has millions of users, it’s still not used by an overly large number of Internet users.

It is believed that Twitter currently has just over 550 million active accounts as of 2013.  That is still relatively small potatoes when compared to Facebook’s estimated 1.2 Billion (billion…with a B) users.  It’s even smaller when you factor in that about 40% of the users on Twitter don’t even participate.  They just follow and read other people’s Tweets.

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