How To Become Popular On Twitter

Twitter is a media machine, and with it’s 140 character limit, think of it as micro blogging to the extreme. I’m going to do my best to help you find out how to become popular on Twitter.  While most of us think of celebrities as the only popular people on Twitter, that’s simply not true. Gaining popularity takes time and energy but you literally can become as popular as you want to be. While this site is focused on pushing Twitter followers to people that want to boost their account status, we also focus on how you can naturally build your following as well. So in the following article we are going to discuss how to get popular on Twitter.

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How To Use Twitter

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you can compose a thought using 140 characters or less…you can use Twitter. Even though Twitter has millions of users, it’s still not used by an overly large number of Internet users.

It is believed that Twitter currently has just over 550 million active accounts as of 2013.  That is still relatively small potatoes when compared to Facebook’s estimated 1.2 Billion (billion…with a B) users.  It’s even smaller when you factor in that about 40% of the users on Twitter don’t even participate.  They just follow and read other people’s Tweets.

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